• An NGO (Non-Governmental Organization)
  • A Community
  • A Country or State
  • A Private company, in sustainable Development
  • A National Park

Our versatility, skills, and our desire to contribute to a better world make us an ideal partner.


  • Protection of the ecosystem
  • Protection of your sites
  • Supporting and strengthening of your security
  • Increase your surveillance capability by drones


Our ecosystem is under great threat, generating an increase in environmental crises throughout the world, this overwhelming context has led to the emergence of national policies and international civil organizations fighting against these phenomena.

That’s why Azoth has initiated a Rangers program for the accompaniment and reinforcement of these environmental actions previously undertaken. This Azoth program will deploy a Rangers contingent on your site to provide operational protection, to ensure your security as well as your infrastructure.


  • Azoth is attentive to your problems and your needs. Therefore our training and operations are specially designed to adapt to the reality of your field.
  • Azoth offers you the protection of your entire site : the natural spaces, the protected species, the people, the goods as well as the infrastructures.
  • You become the actors of the protection of the territory through our approach, privileging the active participation of our partners.
  • Your organization will become an essential liaison between national government and Azøth.



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Engaging in a service partnership with us, is making a commitment to your community to deliver essential public service that prioritizes culture, continuity and sustainability, while meeting the most modern standards expected for all Humanitarian Aid Organizations.

Today the world is experiencing an unprecedented increase in innocent victims of armed conflict. These victims have included Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), working in regions that most need their assistance. This violence has undermined desperately needed humanitarian assistance and stabilization.

We are committed to meeting the specific needs of any community in need of our services and are therefore always ready to create a service unique to those needs.

Below are examples of the types of services we can provide:

In an organizational partnership, service agreement or integration with a Humanitarian Country Team

General Operational Protection and Logistical Support
  • Provides protection of all assets and personnel
  • Allows for a safer environment for your operation in a hot zone or disaster area
  • Allows your personnel to focus on the task at hand
  • Provides primary support and protection in exigent circumstances to keep your personnel and clients safe
Development and Implementation of TRAINING programs

We create tailor made training programs for your organization:

  • For differing situations
  • Meeting the highest industry standards
  • Preparing all levels of personnel within your organization
  • Targeted toward the best possible outcome
Emergency Response Support

Intervention and logistical support can be adapted:

  • For the type of crisis (humanitarian, natural disaster, pandemic, local tensions, electoral period, etc..)
  • In real time as an event occurs
  • To include preservation of assets and structured retreat of personnel and clients
  • For a complete takeover of response operations if needed
Collection of Local Intelligence

The intelligence service can cover:

  • Inclement Weather Monitoring
  • Possibility of Threats from local factions
  • Reconnaissance of surrounding area, or intended mission locations
  • Detection of clients in nearby regions lacking access to your services
Primary Community Policing

When your organization facilitates large and/or temporary populations we can provided a primary policing structure within your community:

  • Mandated for inclusivity and general safety
  • Using models that cultivate community engagement
  • Can be structured to fit within your organizational structures
  • Mandated for community support over enforcement
Creation and implementation of a Volunteer Safety Patrol Program
  • Can utilize volunteers within your organization to supplement basic safety and security measures within your community
  • Cultivates diverse community engagement
  • Builds trust with clients and organization personnel
  • Great tool for climatizing new volunteers in your organization to regular operations
  • Provides greater access to safety for clients and other community members

Through a regional bilateral government partnership, or service agreement

Development and Implementation of TRAINING programs

Training programs are created:

  • Unique to each situation
  • Following the highest standards
  • For personnel on all necessary administrative levels: municipal, regional, national
  • Tailored to your exact needs
Emergency Response Support

Intervention and logistical support can be adapted:

  • For the type of crisis (humanitarian, natural disaster, pandemic, local tensions, electoral period, etc..)
  • Rapidly following your request, the analysis period, pre-deployment and deployment itself
  • For a complete takeover of response operations if needed
Development of an Intelligence Service

This development covers:

  • Training
  • Field Training Officers
  • Research and Procurement of Equipment (cameras, metal detectors, x-rays, drones, etc)
  • Computers & Network infrastructures
Creation of a CADET group of community police

Cadets facilitate:

  • Youth involvement in their own communities
  • Supporting youth on the streets
  • Concrete career options for young dropouts
  • Reinforcing conflict resolution promoted by Peacekeepers