A Ranger is an environmental officer.

Ranger missions vary by country and local issues, but their main function is to protect the integrity of the protected area: both fauna and flora.

They fight against poaching, theft of wood, the gathering of protected or threatened species, contribute greatly to pollution and fire prevention, maintain relations with local populations, patrol, monitor and inspect in order to ensure the safety of users, equipment, animals and plants.



Terms and conditions

  • Be of legal age
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Be in good physical condition
  • Have a valid passport
  • Have up-to-date necessary vaccination, for your destination
  • Speak French & English (other languages an asset)
  • The spirit of helping others
  • Have completed a recognized International Ranger training

Specific conditions

  • Note that our recruitement process is very selective
  • If you do not have the required training, Azoth HGD dispenses this training
  • All trainings, experiences or other disciplines deemed equivalent will be considered and could reduce the price of the training we offer


[training based on the IRF:
International Ranger Federation]




  • Concepts and principles of conservation and ecology
  • Study and understanding of local environmental issues
  • Human rights
  • Environmental Law
  • Consideration of the nature protection legislation and criminal proceedings in the country


  • Tracking
  • Patrol
  • Ambush
  • Night Operations
  • Arrest techniques
  • Combat techniques
  • First aid
  • Weapon handling

You want to help?
You care and you want to take action?
We must act quickly.
Peace in action, start now.

To participate in the training that begins soon, you must complete the prerequisites.
Send us your resume via email to confirm your eligibility. Hurry, places are limited!

The sooner you register, the sooner the training will begin.

Following your registration, we will send you the “Ranger’s Guide”
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After completing the Ranger training, you will be eligible to participate in an optional additional professional tactical drone training.

This training lasts four (4) weeks and provides for a professional tactical drone pilot license. However, the costs of this specific training are not included in the Ranger training rate.

This specific training is provided by the Canadian company EXO DRONE.


EXO DRONE, a civilian drone training unit, was founded in 2014 by civil aviation enthusiasts who have set themselves the goal of transposing the practices and seriousness of the conventional aviation world to the civilian drone world.

Since 2014, they have trained more than 130 professional civilian drone pilots.

Exo Drone is proud to be able to join Azøth HGD to help strengthen the protection of humanitarian aid worldwide.

Tactical UAV Pilot Training (Course Overview)

  • Electrical system – Voltage
  • Electrical system – Batteries and chargers
  • Electrical system – motors and speed controllers
  • Electrical systems – Radiofrequencies and control signals
  • Electrical systems – Transmitter and its functions
  • Electrical systems – Calibration of gains
  • Electrical Systems – Maintenance and Verification
  • Flight training
  • Use of different software and geolocation and flight automation