A Peacekeeper is much more than an international security guard, it is a security elite with a rigorous code of ethics and morals. A Peacekeeper has deep values ​​and really wants to create lasting change.

He knows that peace is being built, one action at a time, and one action, no matter how small, is worth more than words.

Peacekeeper is a way of being that is transposed into actions.

Read our Peacekeeper Manifesto below, let it inspire you, inspire others, remind you why you fight, and why you’ve decided that you want to take action.

Our Peacekeepers have these values ​​before they even come to us. One of the first questions we ask is: “Is it important for you to help your neighbour?”

We do not ask for your background, your experience, and so on. Skills can be taught, but the deep values ​​that make a person really want to change the world must come from within.

Our manifesto are the values ​​we believe in and it is these values that guide us every day. We hope they will have the same effect on you.

Share them, practice them and inspire others to do the same. Be proud of being pioneers of peace and being who you are.

Take care of yourself and others.




I am a new kind of security based on listening, understanding and action.

The world has enough opportunists who profit from the misfortune of others.

I am here to rebalance things and bring peace, one action at a time.

I aim to develop lasting peace and the only way to achieve this is to really understand the needs.

I refuse to sit down to complain and concentrate on acting and getting real results.

The world is living in misery and I refuse to let it degrade another day.

Every day I do a little action for peace, whether it’s helping a friend, helping a stranger, giving a compliment, doing something nice or developing myself.

I encourage others to follow my example, for unity is strength.

Those who do evil spend a lot of energy to do it, so I will be spending even more energy to do good.

I am a PEACEKEEPER and I believe in PEACE IN ACTION.